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Anxious Kannadigas from across the world turn to Churumuri was launched on March 30It was ranked among the most visited blogs on Wednesday night

MYSORE: What began as a forum for the online exchange of informal views barely a fortnight ago was ranked among the most visited blogs in the world on Wednesday night, following the sudden death of Kannada matinee idol Rajkumar earlier in the day.

Churumuri, the online venture started by journalist Krishna Prasad, formerly with Outlook magazine, was adjudged the No. 1 blog by, a leading blog platform, after anxious Kannadigas from across the globe began scouring the Internet for the latest updates on the popular star's death, his movies, songs and film dialogues. virtually became the talk of the blog world, at least among Kannadigas, after it broke the tragic news within minutes of the superstar's death on Wednesday afternoon. Subsequent posts by Mr. Prasad and Sunaad Raghuram, author of "Veerappan: An Untold Story," saw a wave of responses from across the world. The moving description of the thespian's humanity and charisma drew tributes even from non-Kannadigas.

The blog's clocked close to 6,000 hits on Wednesday. Churumuri managed to maintain its position even for a good part of Thursday before being pushed to the second spot later in the day.

Mr. Prasad decided to set up the blog to facilitate a frank exchange of views in English with a mix of Kannada slang unique to Mysore. The blog's content is replete with words such as "sikkapatte," "maha" and "sakkattu," which appear to give not only Mysoreans across the world but also other Kannadigas a welcome break from the formal language associated with the mainstream print and electronic media.

Churumuri was launched on March 30, 2006, the start of the new year according to the Hindu almanac.