Give concessions

to senior citizens

Sir, Minister for Finance B.S. Yediyurappa while presenting the budget announced travel concessions for students. However, no such concession has been extended to senior citizens. Even the Union Government has announced concessions for senior citizens. I urge the State Government to announce travel and medical concessions for senior citizens.

Sham Sunder,


Unauthorised shops

Sir, In many residential areas in Bangalore it is common to find that part of a house has been converted into a shop. These shops cause inconvenience to residents as they disturb the calmness of a residential area. Yelahanka Satellite Town is an example. The Karnataka Housing Board has built a commercial complex for shops in the locality. Many residents have converted part of their houses into shops. This has resulted in a quiet residential locality turning into a noisy commercial area. The authorities concerned must look into whether these shops have been authorised and the owners have obtained a no-objection certificate.

T.S. Rao,


Provide grants

Sir, The Associated Management of Private Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka has urged the State Government not to enforce the provisions of the Karnataka Comprehensive Education Act of 1983 while taking over schools. Many privately managed unaided schools face several problems such as lack of facilities and shortage of staff. Such schools can be taken over by the Government. However, there are others that are doing well. They should be provided grants to encourage them to perform better.

G.T. Rajan,


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