Sahana Charan

`The new approach will help in influencing policymakers'

CRY has changed its name to Child Rights and YouIt has also changed its communication material to focus on the issue

BANGALORE: "Stand up for what is right" is the message that thousands of children across the country will echo, thanks to this non-governmental organisation.

To reiterate this point, CRY (earlier called Child Relief and You) has now changed its name to Child Rights and You.

"The child rights approach is the only right approach being taken by organisations across the world to deal with child labour, education, child abuse, female foeticide and other issues that affect children as a whole. This will help in bringing an effective change across sectors and put child rights in the forefront," says Ingrid Srinath, Chief Executive, Child Rights and You (CRY).

Speaking to The Hindu , Ms. Srinath said the shift in approach was inevitable to bring about a lasting change and to get to the root causes of deprivation, gender and caste bias, problems of livelihoods, displacement and so on.

"This approach will help us in not only mobilising local communities to help children get their basic rights, but also influencing politicians and policy makers to frame favourable policies for them. We want to ensure proper implementation of laws through this approach," she said.

She said that CRY had initiated the process a few years ago towards this change.

"It was a gradual process and we enlisted the support of parents, local communities and bodies such as the panchayat," she said.