Contrasting experiences of love

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IMPRESSIVE PAIR: Shivdhwaj and Sanchana in `Shubam'
IMPRESSIVE PAIR: Shivdhwaj and Sanchana in `Shubam'

Shubham (Kannada)

Director: Ravi R. Garani

Cast: Shivdhwaj, Loknath, Kishore, Mandya Ramesh, Sanchana, Vanita Vasu and Pavitra Lokesh.

The much-talked about film, Shubham, begins on a promising note, but only to disappoint - falling prey to its own obsession with experiments that challenge and tell on the sensibilities and patience of the moviegoer. Director Ravi R. Garani succeeds in elevating the worn out theme of eternity of pure love with his gripping narrative technique that successfully fuses the past and the present in unbroken frames. They denote his genuine and fruitful creativity up to a point. But his overzealous attempts to load and juxtapose too many things such as innocence and the loss of it, passion and maturity, superstitious beliefs and rational outlook at visual and dialogue levels let the film down for want of cohesion and cogency. The story is all about an innocent girl and a lovelorn boy who experience the harsh realities of life.

In the beginning, Garani claims that his narration looks jumbled but makes sense as it progresses and offers the unique experience of watching two films at a time. The narrative technique punctuated by exquisite landscape, pleasing and intelligent photography, a couple of good tunes and incisive editing struggle to substantiate his claims. He wants the moviegoer to understand the contrasting experiences of love. But excesses in experimentation expose his tactics and vulnerable plot construction.

Shivdhwaj as Venki and Sanchana as Priya are impressive.






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