Staff Correspondent

BELLARY: Investigations have revealed that Ranga Reddy, a naxalite wanted in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, was more of a criminal than an activist. This was evident by records pertaining to wealth amassed by him and the arms and ammunition seized from his hideout at Boodhugumpa recently, said Superintendent of Police Pankaj Kumar Thakur.

"Ranga Reddy has a lot of property. He owns residential sites in Bellary, Guntakal and Gangavati. We have found some chit fund receipts, and we are investigating as to whether he runs them or not. He appears to have been dealing in antiques going by the videos of a couple of antique pieces. He and his family members have taken treatment in various private nursing homes. The huge cache of sophisticated arms and ammunition gives room for doubt that he has more of a criminal orientation than any ideological commitment," he said.

A team of police officials from Bellary, led by Mr. Thakur, raided the house at Boodhugumpa in Koppal district.

But Ranga Reddy had left the place. Ranga Reddy was said to be a self-styled secretary of the CPI(ML) Liberation, a breakaway group from the CPI-(ML) ROC of the Ashok group in Andhra Pradesh.