The World Health Day kindles in us the thought of a new approach to health care to make it affordable and accessible to all segments of society so that the slogan "Health for all " is realized in letter and spirit. In the recent times the changing life styles have resulted in the emergence of more health hazard /diseases in addition to other communicable diseases. The World Health Organization(WHO) which plays a vital role in moulding public opinion on healthcare issues and in evolving a global strategy in the area of healthcare also instills in all of us the significance of World Health Day, year after year. One of the major shortcomings, we face in our country is the fragmentation of comprehensive healthcare. A healthy environment , availability of safe drinking water. Nutritious food, effective and affordable access to public healthcare are the key elements that contribute to building a healthy society

Canara Bank has always been in the forefront in not only nurturing the activities relating to health care but also has been associating itself with numerous productive health care endeavors by extending support to such initiatives .The various health care activities patronized by Canara Bank among others include the following: Ten Rupees A Month(TRAM) campaign wherein the corpus is created by the active participation of all the employees of the bank which is used to assist patients suffering from major diseases, disabled persons from weaker sections of society etc

Rural Clinic Service Scheme which provides basic health facilities to rural poor by providing free medicines, consultations and medicines

Today Canara Bank having one of the largest branch networks in the country , takes yet another step forward by associating with Wockhardt Hospitals in building a healthy society and spreading the message of good health among the citizens of the country