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Officials seize pumpsets, electrical panel boards and pipes along the Bhadra canal

Water not reaching the tail-end region of the canal because of unauthorised pumpsets Nearly 4,000 pumpsets have been installed upstream of the canal by farmers

DAVANGERE: Officials of the Irrigation and Police departments launched an operation on Wednesday to remove unauthorised pumpsets installed upstream of the Bhadra canal at Malagondanahalli and other villages.

They seized many unauthorised pumpsets, electrical panel boards and pipes. The operation was launched only in Davangere first division of the Bhadra canal. A large number of such pumpsets are in Tyavangi subdivision. Because of them, water is not reaching most of the tail-end region. Officials of the Irrigation Department led by Assistant Executive Engineer A.D. Eshwarappa visited the canal and Kurki, Kalpanahalli, Tholahunese and Malagondanahalli villages some time ago. They removed many unauthorised pumpsets and panels for which there was no protest by farmers.

During the visit, the officials were shocked to see a small well dug up beside the channel and pumpset placed inside it. From there, water was being pumpsed to plantations a few km away through a pipeline. In some places, pumpsets were installed in near the canal.

"Sodis" (canal workers of the Irrigation Department) have removed such pumpsets and pipelines. The police seized such pumpsets, panel boards and pipes. The operation was launched at the instance of the Chairman of the Command Area Development Authority (CADA).

It is estimated that nearly 4,000 pumpsets have been installed upstream of the canal by farmers who have been drawing water illegally. Farmers of the tail-end region staged a rasta roko and laid siege to the office of the Irrigation Department here some days ago. Deputy Commissioner M.B. Dyaberi, who held a series of meetings with farmers and officials of the Irrigation Department, had set up a task force comprising irrigation officials and police officers to remove unauthorised pump sets. However, the district committee did not initiate any action against illegal pump sets.

Meanwhile, farmers have demanded that similar action be taken in Tyavanagi subdivision where many unauthorised pumpsets have been installed.