Staff Reporter

Bangalore: Intel Corporation has launched an innovative personal computer platform developed exclusively to meet the needs of rural communities.

With an objective to bridge the urban-rural divide, Intel has announced its "Jagruti" (awakening) initiative designed to provide rural communities with economic opportunities.

By collaborating with leaders in business, government, education, online services and Internet service providers, Intel's Jagruti programme will support the setting up of Internet kiosks, based on the new Intel-powered "Community PC", in rural areas.

Providing technology

"Intel supports efforts to provide computer technology to places where it hasn't previously been made available," Intel Vice-President and General Manager of Channel Platforms Group William M. Siu said.

The kiosks will help accelerate access to benefits of information and communications technologies in villages in the country.

The Community PC platform was defined by Intel after ethnographic studies in rural areas showed a desire for technology access among the people.

However, because of weather conditions (heat, dust, humidity) and unreliable power sources, it is not possible to use ordinary PCs. To address these issues, the Community PC platform was developed.

`Highly reliable'

According to the company, the PC developed by Intel is a highly reliable, manageable system that supports remote "diagnostics and control" features at low power. The chassis is designed to keep the motherboard cool at temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius. The PC is resistant to humidity levels of 70 to 85 RH (Relative Humidity). It is equipped with a customised power supply unit. The power consumption of peripherals is less than 100 watts.