Karwar: A decommissioned missile boat of the Indian Navy, INS Chapal, was towed to the shore here from Karwar Naval Base on Monday.

The war ship weighing 270 tonnes will be converted into a museum on the Rabindranath Tagore beach here.

Ravi Verma, representative of National Ship Design and Research Centre, Vishakapattanam, said that a temporary channel had been built by dredging the beach up to a depth of 4.5 m. to bring the ship to a location bounded by the toy train track on the beach, where the ship would be installed. A special platform was being built for the ship, he said.

The operation would take nearly two months to complete, he added. The contract for installing the ship had been given to Das and Company of Vishakapatnam for a sum of Rs. 1.5 crore. Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation has given Rs. 1 crore for this purpose. MLA Gangadhar Bhat and MLC Shubhalata Asnotikar have also provided funds.