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81-year-old Pannalal Mehta was initiated as a Kshullak

SHRAVANABELAGOLA: May 13 will remain a memorable day in the annals of the Digambar Jain dharmic order.

Munishri 108 Punya Sagar, who was initiated into the digambar order years ago, initiated his 81-year-old father Pannalal Mehta as a Kshullak of the order at the Digambar Jain Math premises on this day in the presence of Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji and a host of other munis and arika matajis. Sri Bhattaraka Swamiji, Jain scholar Neeraj Jain and Munishri 108 Amit Sagar did not mince words in describing the momentous occasion when Sri Punya Sagar initiated his father to the dharmic order.

Rare occasion

Sri Neeraj Jain said that it was a rare occasion, which he had witnessed for the first time.

Sri Bhattaraka Swamiji said that it was a holiest of holy sights is one could ever come to see and be blessed. Sri Punya Sagar spoke about the cultural base provided to him by his father before he was initiated into the dharmic order and wished Kshullak Parameshti Sagar the best in his quest to attain salvation.


The rare occasion moved some of the poets who recited a few couplets. They were here for a poets' meet.