Special Correspondent

Low-lying areas in Surathkal, Panambur, Meenakali, Jeppinamogaru and Brahmarakootlu inundated

A landslip occurred in Yekkur on National Highway 17 Storm water drains have collapsed owing to erosion

MANGALORE: Rain continued to lash Mangalore for the third day since the monsoon revived in the district on June 22.

Owing to the heavy rain many low-lying areas in Surathkal, Panambur, Meenakali, Jeppinamogaru, Brahmarakootlu have been inundated and landslips have occurred in several areas including Yekkur on National Highway 17 and on the Mangalore-Moodbidri stretch on National Highway 13.

Kottara and Kodical areas have also been affected, while in Chilimbi and Ashoknagar storm water drains have collapsed owing to erosion. Coastal erosion has also been reported in Kotepura in Ullal and in parts of Surathkal.

Roads have been flooded in various parts of the city, including PVS Junction, Karangalapady, Dongarkery and Lower Car Street. A portion of the road collapsed owing to soil erosion resulting in a traffic jam.

Despite inclement weather, the district authorities did not declare a holiday for schools on Saturday. In a few places, school vans reportedly got stuck in trenches. Teachers and parents have expressed concern over the safety of children. The Department of Disaster Management in Bangalore had given a storm alert from June 24 to 27.

The storm alert is valid for the next 48 hours, but the district office and the Deputy Director of Public Instruction have not declared a holiday for schools.