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`Discrimination against northern Karnataka continues'

DemandsTake up development programmes for northern Karnataka Amend Article 371 of the Constitution Convert Gulbarga University into a Central institution Establish agricultural university in Raichur

GULBARGA: Former chairman of the Kannada Kavulu Samiti Patil Puttappa said on Wednesday that northern Karnataka, consisting of Bombay Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka, had not benefited from the formation of the State 50 years ago, and development in all sectors was focussed on the Old Mysore region.

Addressing a press conference here, he said "continued discrimination" of northern Karnataka had caused anguish among the people, and the Government should immediately take corrective steps.

Mr. Puttappa, who led an agitation in the late 1940s and 1950s demanding the unification of areas where Kannadigas were in a majority, said the Old Mysore region, which was ruled by the Mysore Maharajas, were initially reluctant to agree to the unification.

Only after the demands for making Bangalore the State capital and giving the name "Mysore" to the State were met did representatives of the region agree to the unification. Because of the reluctance, Karnataka lost its claim to Kasaragod, Neelgiri, Madagsera and Talakad.