Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: Armed policemen took position and anxious public waited for the real drama to unfold. Tension was mounting on Wednesday night, promising everything from a commercial flick, but only to flop right in front of the curious public.

A canine whose habits of walking into a bank premises had the authorities on tenterhooks for a few minutes on Wednesday evening as a frantic call from a businessman about a possible entry of dacoits into Canara Bank on Manandavadi Road sent the police into a tizzy.

Anticipating a shoot out between policemen and dacoits, a large crowd gathered around only to witness a street dog walk out of the bank premises. It all happened after a few people heard a distinct sound from the bank premises around 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Sensing trouble, they informed the police who along with a Garuda patrol swung into action immediately.

Bank manager Nanjundaswamy was asked to come to the bank to open its doors. Around the same time, a few armed policemen took position and waited for the lock to be opened.

As soon as the lock was opened, the dog that was craving for freedom walked out of the bank, stunning the policemen and the people who had gathered there.

Mr. Nanjundaswamy told the police that the dog had the habit of walking into the branch and lazing around the furniture. The staff, he said, might have locked the office when the dog was inside.