Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: A journalist's attempt to establish the truth in the bribery allegation levelled by suspended BJP MLC Janardhan Reddy against Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy and two Cabinet Ministers ended in an anti-climax here on Thursday as the compact disc played by him contained no supporting evidence.

Chandrashekar Taudur, a television journalist, had interviewed Mr. Janardhan Reddy at his residence in Bellary.

He played the CD containing what was purported to be the recording of the interview.

A good number of journalists viewed the CD at the Press Club of Bangalore without being convinced about the evidence in support of the bribery charge in it.

In the interview, Mr. Reddy kept on repeating that the Chief Minister, Home Minister M.P. Prakash and Minister for Forests C. Chennigappa had collected Rs. 150 crore from mine owners of Bellary district engaged in illegal mining and they were harassing the mine owners.

The journalist maintained that there was evidence to substantiate Mr. Reddy's allegation and that he would prove it in the coming days.