Special Correspondent

Mumbai accounted for the maximum, with 1.56 crore passengers

  • Statistics contained in Fitch Ratings report
  • Traffic distribution concentrated in the 12 international airports
  • They accounted for 86 per cent of passenger traffic

    Bangalore: Bangalore and Hyderabad are neck and neck in the growth pattern (in percentage terms) in the civil aviation sector. While Bangalore leads in passenger movement, Hyderabad is on top when it comes to aircraft movement.

    Fitch Ratings has pointed out that in 2005, Bangalore accounted for 41,13,383 passengers, up 29.3 per cent from the previous year, followed by Hyderabad with 28,44,917, up 28.6 per cent. Mumbai had the maximum number of passengers (arrival and departure) with over 1.56 crore, up from 1.27 crore, followed by Delhi with 1.2 crore, up from 1.03 crore.

    In aircraft movement, Hyderabad saw a growth of 27.2 per cent to 35,707, from 28,077 the previous year, and Chennai came second with 19.5 per cent growth at 61,233 arrivals and departures, up from 52,251. Bangalore saw an 18.6 per cent growth with 55,641 arrivals and departures.

    As for cargo movement, percentage wise Kochi topped the list with a growth of 38.9 per cent (22,175 tonnes). Mumbai, which carried 4,02,715 tonnes, was ranked first and with a growth of 23.4 per cent. The tonnage from Bangalore was 1,10,701 tonnes, up from 91,489, an increase of 21 per cent.

    The report said that traffic distribution was mainly concentrated in the 12 international airports, which accounted for 86 per cent of passenger traffic and 96 per cent of cargo traffic. Among the international airports, the Mumbai and Delhi airports accounted for 56 per cent of total passenger traffic, the report said.