Special Correspondent

2,554 files on problems of teachers cleared at Shikshana Adalat in Gulbarga

GULBARGA: As many as 2,554 of the total 8,375 files pertaining to problems of teachers, including promotions, pending arrears, and other administrative matters, were cleared at the Gulbarga division-level Shikshana Adalat (Education Adalat) chaired by the Secretary of the Education Department T.M. Vijayabhaskar, Commissioner of the Public Instruction M. Madangopal and other senior officials of the department.

Most of the cleared files pertained to pending arrears of retired teachers, held up promotions owing to departmental inquiries and court cases, employment on compassionate grounds and other administrative matters.

At the adalat, a large number of teachers queued up to present their problems before the senior officials. Some of the problems were disposed of on the spot and others were kept pending owing to disciplinary proceedings and cases in the courts.

Official dismayed

On the occasion, Mr. Vijayabhaskar expressed his dismay over the pending files in the office of Block Education Officers and the Deputy Director of Public Instruction. He warned that the delay in disposing of pending files by the officials in the BEO and DDPI offices would invite serious disciplinary action by the Government.

He said that most of the pending files pertained to promotions to the post of headmasters, which had already been cleared by the State Government. There was no need to keep files on matters such as leave encashment, confirmation after probation and maternity benefit claims, pending.

Regarding files pertaining to claims of salary arrears of retired teachers, Mr. Vijayabhaskar directed the DDPI to clear the files and release arrears amounting to Rs. 20 lakh in the district. He clarified that there was no dearth of funds for payment of arrears and this could be paid from the salary bills and later claimed from the Government.


He said teachers should not be made to visit the offices of the BEO and DDPI during school days for getting their grievances redressed.

Mr. Vijayabhaskar said that the disciplinary proceedings pending against teachers was another issue which should be tackled immediately. He directed that all the disciplinary proceedings against teachers should not be prolonged beyond six months.

It if it was prolonged, the Government would take action against officials concerned, he said.