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Samudaya will involve colleges in and around Mangalore Samudaya will involve colleges in and around Mangalore

  • Students have undergone extensive stage training
  • Simple props such as a broom served as tools of expression

    SURATKAL: "Collejugalatha Ranga Sanchara", a nine-day exercise of Samudaya, Mangalore in using stage as an instrument to highlight various social evils got underway at Govindadasa College here on Monday. Samudaya, a cultural organisation has involved itself actively in the field for the past 30 years, promoting pro-people thought using stage, street plays, progressive songs, seminars, book publications and other activities.

    Samudaya, which has successfully used street plays as a means to communicate its message to the people, was seeking to actively involve youth and students through this exercise.

    Nine-day exercise

    During the nine-day exercise culminating at University College on October 10, Samudaya would visit various colleges in and around Mangalore. It would highlight the practice of untouchability and how it fostered inequality in society.

    A 45-minute presentation using various stage techniques including skits, songs and dramas prior to the inaugural function proved to be a thought provoking exercise for all concerned.

    The use of local language Tulu in a skit highlighting the prevalent practice of untouchability conveyed a powerful message as to how a particular section of society continues to lead sub-human life despite the overall progress in various spheres.

    Students participating in the endeavour have already undergone extensive four-day stage training under the guidance of eminent stage directors M. Ramdas, Bhaskar Nellithirtha, Satyana Koderi.

    Lucid expression

    The lucidity in their expression and simplicity in their acting made it difficult for one to believe that they were fresh into the world of acting. Simple props including a broom served as tools of expression.

    Another interesting facet of this exercise is the fact that the floor is thrown open to the audience to exchange their views with a group of eminent people on the various topics portrayed in the skits and other stage activities.


    For Mr. Ramdas, the sanchara is an effective tool to portray the various demonic faces of inequality and stimulate the society and students to deliberate on them.

    The NSS students of Govindadasa College participated in the discussions.