Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Minister for Higher Education D.H. Shankaramurthy has called upon youth to work for making the country the leading nation of the world.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of PES Institutions here on Saturday, Mr. Shankarmurthy said the youth today were not satisfied with the prevailing situation and were ready to take up challenges. "I want you all to take up the challenge of making the country a strong and prosperous country by 2030," he said.

Ravi Uppal, Managing Director of ABB Ltd., said that having young people's profiles in terms of human asset base was the greatest asset of the country. More than half the country's population was aged less than 25.

The country had the largest talent pool in the world and nearly 200 million people would join the nation's productive age bracket by 2013.

Mr. Uppal said there was a need to ensure that the talent matched the jobs and opportunities that would characterise an emerging India.

Chairman of PES Institutions M.R. Doreswamy spoke.