Bus shelters being misused

Sir, A number of bus shelters, such as the one opposite Kadri Market and the one near the Mangalore Nursing Home at Balmatta, are not being used properly. These stops have becomes spaces to put up advertisements and do not serve the purpose they were built for. Stray animals and destitute people are seen occupying these stops. The district administration and the Mangalore City Corporation should look into the matter. A schedule of bus routes should be put up at the bus shelters for the benefit of commuters.

J.F. D'Souza,


Use APMC yard

Sir, The APMC yard here in Baikampady is lying vacant. Trade and business activities should be started here. I urge the authorities concerned to ensure that the 80-acre yard is used for marketing produce, which will be of use to agriculturists and traders.

Nahusha A.,


Fare concession for senior citizens

Sir, Transport Minister N. Cheluvarayaswamy has announced 10 per cent fare concession for senior citizens who have a monthly bus pass. But senior citizens who have not opted for the monthly bus pass have been deprived of any concession. While the Railways provide 30 per cent fare concession to senior citizens, the Transport Minister can extend the 10 per cent bus fare concession to all senior citizens.

Sham Sunder,


Terminus needed for private buses

Sir, Private buses operating from Bangalore do not have a terminus. Because of this there is always a lot of confusion and chaos near the Anand Rao Circle junction, Seshadri Road and K.R. Market area, where private buses are parked on the roads. I urge the authorities to find a solution o this problem.

S. Raju,


A role model?

Sir, This is with reference to the article in The Hindu (October 26) titled "Another star achiever from the IT city." I was surprised to note that a 23-year-old woman, already into her fifth job (that too as a fairly junior analyst) has been written about in your newspaper. While undoubtedly she is smart and well educated, I wonder in what way she is a role model. What were the grounds on which she received the award? Was it because her job is with an MNC? Would she have been felicitated had she been employed in an Indian public sector bank?

It would have been more suitable if a person with a disability or someone from a poor background who had overcome the odds to get a similar job had been honoured.

Sunil K.,


Increase salary for law clerks

Sir, I welcome the move by the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court to appoint law clerks/research assistants in the Karnataka High Court to assist judges in research.

But the salary of Rs. 6,000 is inadequate.

It is only Rs. 1,000 more than what a peon gets in the High Court.

M.B. Vishwanath,


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