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It is as important as setting up lok adalats, says judge

BIDAR: Andhra Pradesh Legal Services Authority executive chairman Bilal Nazki inaugurated a legal awareness programme for teachers on the occasion of Legal Services Day, in Bidar on Saturday.

He said that the spreading awareness among the public about their rights was as important as setting up and running lok adalats.

If people were made more aware of their rights, they could use them better and also ensure that they did not infringe upon the rights of others.

This would make the enforcement of laws more efficient, which would lead to a better society, Justice Nazki said.


Most women who were victims of atrocities at home chose to suffer as they were not aware of their rights.

Many believed that they were destined to be treated badly or that it was natural for husbands to exploit wives, he said. If they were made more aware of thwir rights, however, they would know how to respond to such situations, Justice Nazki said.

He expressed concern over the fact that one crore female infanticide cases had been reported in India in the last three years.