Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: "In the Suvarna Karnataka year, I want to showcase the glory of Hampi in chalk," says 26-year-old Suresh H., who has been carving on chalk for the past 15 years.

"I use just a needle to carve on chalk," he says.

"Depending on the intricacy of the design, I usually take about 30 hours to create each work of art," he said.


He has also just launched a website. He plans to use it to give artists like him a platform to showcase their works. "I also want to open a gallery of my own soon," he says.

Mr. Suresh says that he owes his success to his brother and mother, who have been supporting him throughout.


His greatest ambition is to enter the Limca Book of Records, he adds.

On why he chose chalk as a medium for his art, he says that both chalk and blackboards are slowly being phased out of the classroom.

"I want to increase the appeal of chalk as a medium and try to ensure that its obliteration from classrooms does not happen," he says.