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This will help sugarcane farmers get a better price for the produce, says Minister

  • Molasses output in the State likely to be around 10 lakh tonnes
  • Government making efforts to revive sick sugar factories

    DAVANGERE: The State Government will give impetus to export of molasses by sugar factories with the intention of providing a better price for sugarcane farmers for their produce, S.A. Ravindranath, Minister for Sugar and rural water supply, has said.

    Mr. Ravindranath told The Hindu Chennagiri on Monday that though there was no restriction in the State to export molasses, sugar factories restrained from exporting it. Molasses were being exported from many States, including Maharasthra, and that was one of the reasons for sugarcane farmers getting a good price for their produce, he said adding that the Government would encourage export of molasses.

    He said the production of molasses in the State was likely to be around 10 lakh tonnes against the total requirement of six lakh tonnes. "After retaining the required quantity of molasses, we can export the remaining and earn more," he said.

    The Minister said the Government was thinking of making it mandatory for sugar factories to have distillery and power generation units so that they could sustain transitory financial crisis and continue to exist for a long time.

    Sugar factories in Belgaum and surrounding areas have agreed to give RS. 1,300 for a tonne of sugarcane as appealed by the government, the Minister said adding that Semisavadi sugar factory was the only sugar factory which was yet to give Rs. 1,300 a tonne.

    Mr. Ravindranath said the Government had been making serious efforts to revive all the sick sugar factories in the State and many private parties had come forward to take over some sick units.


    Referring to illegal pumpsets installed in the upper reaches of the Bhadra canal, the Minister said that a meeting of the Deputy Commissioners, Superintendents of Police and officials of the Irrigation Department of Davangere and Shimoga would be convened soon. A drive would be launched to remove the illegal pumpsets.

    Mr. Ravindranath said Deputy Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa had agreed to include the Rajanahalli Lift Irrigation scheme in the coming budget and that the Government had decided to earmark and release one- third of the total project cost during the current year.

    He said that outcome of the Chamundeshwari Assembly byelection would not have any bearing on the continuance of the coalition government in the State.