B.A. Samvartha

MANGALORE: A budget of Rs. 12.4 lakh has been approved for renovation of the head post office in Pandeshwar under Project Arrow of the Central Government.

Speaking to The Hindu, Assistant Senior Superintendent of Post Offices Naveen Chandar said: “Under Project Arrow, the selected post offices will undergo major changes. The budget for renovation has been approved and the work is likely to begin in a month.”

All the post offices under Project Arrow will look similar. The most visible aspect would be the colour of the walls — white with a red border. The counters at such post offices will also have uniformity as with the post boxes, said Mr. Chandar.

The counters would be painted red and the chairs and benches white. The wall facing the writing ledge in the post office would be painted yellow. The postmen would be given red bags and the staffers would wear red jackets to be worn over their dress, he added.

“Under the first phase, only the head office of Mangalore post office has been undertaken for Project Arrow. Gradually, all the post offices in Mangalore will be included and a uniformity in the appearance of post offices will be brought in,” said Mr. Chandar. “This project is being implemented all over the country,” he added.

The internal changes demanded are installation of departmental software, training postal staff and improving the services.