Karwar: Hanakon Ushna Vidyut Sthavara Virodhi Horata Samiti has expressed its opposition to the thermal power plant being set up at Hanakon village near Karwar.

Addressing a press meet here on Tuesday, members of the samiti said that they would oppose the project. B.S. Pai, advocate and member of the samiti, said that the Kali river adjacent to which the plant is proposed to be set up, is a breeding ground for fish and other aquatic species.

He said that the river is habitat of 19 species of fish. It supports 48 types of mangroves. There are 133 species of flora in the surrounding forests and it is a hotspot of biodiversity.

He said the Anashi National Park and Curtigao National Park in Goa are within a 25-km radius of the proposed plant.

He said that the project will destroy the biodiversity in the region and also the ecology of the Western Ghats.

He urged the Government to take steps to prevent the plant from being set up at Hanakon. He said if one such power plant is allowed, then more would come up in the region.