Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: In a daring heist in broad daylight two motorcycle-borne men snatched a bag containing Rs. 25 lakh from a cloth merchant near Safina Plaza on Mid Guard Cross Road on Wednesday.

The merchant, Pramod Kothari, was on his way from Avenue Road to deposit the cash in a private bank on Mahatma Gandhi Road.

Mr. Kothari, who is into discounting cheques and demand drafts, regularly deposits large sums of money at the branch and takes care not to use the same route each time.

On Wednesday, with his shoulder bag full of cash, he came on Bhagwan Mahaveer Road and turned left near Safina Plaza when the two men snatched the bag. Mr. Kothari chased the motorcyclists till Lavanya cinema on St. John’s Road but lost them.

He then filed a complaint with the Commercial Street police station.

Ends life

A 25-year-old clerk of South Western Railway committed suicide in the retiring room in City Railway Station on Wednesday. According to the police, Nagaraj Nayak, a resident of Hubli, checked into the retiring room with his girlfriend on Tuesday evening but the two had an argument. She later found him hanging from the ceiling fan early Wednesday.


A second year Pre-University student is feared drowned in a pond in Koodlu village on Tuesday.

Cyril, a student of Reddy Janasangh College, went to along with five of his friends for a swim.