K. Kartha has this to say about last week’s Public Eye on rising prices: It was good you wrote about the soaring prices of essential commodities, which is squeezing the last rupee out of most consumers. I cannot understand why there has been almost a 100 per cent increase in price of most essential commodities during the past one year. It is hurting the low income group and retired people. Who are these middlemen making the huge profits from commodities trading?

Prahallad K.B. of Konanakunte writes: Due to urbanisation, villagers are migrating to cities in search of jobs which has resulted in scarcity of agricultural labourers. In order to overcome this problem, development work such as roads, ponds should be taken up and small-scale industries set up so that during off season, these labourers could be employed to stem migration to cities. The government should convert barren lands into agricultural lands and allot lands to agricultural labourers. More land should be brought under the agriculture sector which helps in more production of foodgrains.