Staff Correspondent

The shifting is necessary to ease traffic congestion

The sanctioned fund has been diverted to other projects

UAS says leasing the land will hinder research

Madikeri: There has been significant delay in shifting the congested private bus stand from its current location to land belonging to the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS). The World Bank fund of Rs. 1.60 crore, sanctioned for the purpose, has already been diverted to other development works in the city.

However, a delegation headed by M.P. Appachu Ranjan, MLA, is slated to meet Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa in Bangalore in order to convey the urgent need to shift the private bus stand from its current location to ease traffic congestion. In May 2006, the Deputy Commissioner notified the acquisition of four acres of land under survey number 405/2 belonging to the UAS for the construction of the private bus stand. Four individuals, apart from the UAS, objected to the project. The estate officer of the UAS clarified in July 2006 that the land could not be released as it would hinder the educational and research activities of the UAS. The estate officer said that the UAS could, instead, release 2.45 acres of land adjacent to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) hostel.

The Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation authorities asked the district administration in January 2008 to obtain suitable land for the construction of the bus stand as soon as possible, lest funds are diverted for other purposes.

The World Bank stipulates that sanctioned funds should be used for the completion of projects within three years.

Efforts were made by former State Agriculture Minister T.B. Jayachandra to obtain suitable land to compensate for land to be appropriated for the bus stand. Elected representatives also did their bit to resolve the dispute.

The delegation in Bangalore to meet the Chief Minister comprises president of the Madikeri City Municipal Council P.D. Ponnappa, Commissioner Srikant Rao and other councillors.