Staff Correspondent

DAVANGERE: A large numbers of farmers from Hadadi, Shagale and other villages staged a snap strike in front of the agriculture office here on Friday protesting against the ‘compulsory’ purchase of ammonium sulphate along with Fact fertilizer. They have demanded that the agriculture officer not issue such directives.

The farmers at one stage entered the office and were about to ransack it. But timely intervention by the police prevented possible violence.

An agriculture officer told The Hindu that it was mandatory for farmers to buy ammonium sulphate along with Fact fertilizer so that the fertility of land was protected and the quality of soil not eroded.

The Fact fertilizer company had also insisted that the Government make farmers buy ammonium sulphate while buying its fertilizer and use both so that land fertility was protected.

The farmers had failed to understand this despite many seminars and field demonstrations held by the Agriculture Department, the officer said.

Final decision

Deputy Commissioner K. Amaranarayana has decided to ‘de-link’ the purchase, and withdraw the directive. Following his decision, the farmers withdrew their strike.