Staff Correspondent

The new party plans to hold camps across the State

The party to field candidates in all constituencies

To abide by the Election Commission’s norms on campaign expenditure

Chitradurga: Founder and State-president of the newly floated party, “Suvarna Yuga”, Mahima Patel, has said that the party will begin its State-wide rallies and campaigns from January 7.

The former Janata Dal (Secular) leader, who quit the party recently and formed his new party, told The Hindu here on Saturday, that the party would try to induct “honest and like-minded people” in it.

Asked if there was any need to float a new party when the State already had an adequate number of regional parties, he said: “In the present scenario, many people are frustrated with the power-hungry and selfishness of their political leaders.

They are looking for an alternative to voice their opinion. Therefore, our party will act as a platform for such voices,” he said.


He said “Suvarna Yuga” would hold camps across the State to highlight the “failures of the Government”, which would begin from Shishunal village in Dharwad district.

Referring to the yet-be-announced Assembly elections, he said that the party would field its candidates in all the constituencies of the State without having alliance with any party.


On generating party funds, he said that he had been assured of donations by local businessmen and some from abroad.

“I have made it clear that the party will accept only white money,” he said.

Mr. Patel said that the party would strictly abide by the Election Commission’s norms on expenditure during campaigns for the elections.

Pointing at the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which was trying to strengthen its base in the State, Mr. Patel blamed that the party was no different from other parties.

So far, the party had tried to keep the “upper caste” people away, this would not address the needs of a large, pluralistic society, he said.