Staff Correspondent

It is to teach children how to handle money

Students will be bank managers on rotation

MYSORE: A unique multipurpose kids’ bank began operating recently at “Kaliyuva Mane”, a free alternative school for the deprived, run by Divya Deepa Charitable Trust at Kenchalagudu village on H.D. Kote Road. Swami Nithyanandji, president Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, inaugurated the bank.

According to managing trustee of the trust, M.R. Anantha Kumar, the purpose of the bank is to make children understand banking transactions, teach them how to handle money and encourage them to save.

He said that the trust would give the children some money every month for their personal use, to purchase items like notebooks, pens, toothpaste, tooth brush, soap and other items. They would also be given some pocket money. Children would be able to earn money by working in various departments of the trust. A special kiosk has been constructed for the purpose. It contains a cash counter and material counter. There is a cash box, an account ledger and a challan book. Kaliyuva Mane Bank contains materials like toiletries, notebooks, pens and sweetmeats. If children need other materials which are not available in the kids’ bank they can exchange mock currency notes for real ones and buy them from other shops. Children are given cheques book, a pass book, a small cash box, an account writing book and some cash. Each student will function as bank manager on a rotation basis.