Special Correspondent

It was held on the eve of Chemical Disaster Prevention Day

The assumed scenario was a major fire owing to an LPG cylinder leak

Response time of ambulances, fire brigade was noted

MYSORE: What happens in case of a major industrial fire in any of the hazardous units that are located in Mysore? That is a question that may haunt many an expert. But if the recent drill conducted in the city on the eve of Chemical Disaster Prevention Day is any indication, then the contingency plans are well in place.

Drafted by the management of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. at Hebbal, the plan for effective combating of fire was put to test by organising a drill . Also present were Commandant, Home Guards, Deputy Commandant Home Guards, Deputy Director of Factories, Mysore division and the police personnel from the Vijayanagar station.

The drill held on Monday commenced at 12.25 p.m. The assumed scenario was a major fire owing to an LPG cylinder leak.

The designed actions like noticing of emergency, informing the main incident controller and declaring of emergency took place one after the other as planned. Further, the fire combating team, rescue and first aid team and auxiliary units performed their assigned tasks while the communication coordinator informed all the authorities and pressed mutual aid assistance according to the directions of the Main Incident Controller.

Fire tenders from the RBI Services Department and BEML, ambulance vans from neighbouring factories like Automotive Axle, Rane Madras reported at the site and their response time was recorded. The response time from the mutual aid assistance, fire brigade and Vijayanagar police was within 6 to 8 minutes and was reckoned to be impressive. The management in the meantime responded with effective actions like using hydrants, water sprinklers, fire suites etc. The entire exercise took about 20 minutes following which the strengths and weakness of the drill was evaluated. Representatives from various Major Accident Hazardous (MAH) categorised factories, witnessed the drill .