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BANGALORE: Students of Delhi Public School (DPS) took a step towards reaching for the stars when 49 of them underwent the Aviation Challenge Programme at the NASA Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is recognised as the most comprehensive U.S.-manned space flight hardware museums.

The students visited the Space Dome Theatre, Rocket Park, Shuttle Park and NASA’s Educator Resource Centre.

It is a record set by DPS to send its students to NASA for the second consecutive time where students had first-hand experience in jet fighter training programme.

Earlier this year, a 22-member team went to the Space Camp at Huntsville in April. The Aviation Challenge brought the students a step closer to their dream of flying. They are divided into four groups — Falcons, Intruders, Hornets and Black Lions — and trained in basic flight manoeuvres, land and water survival, escape and evasion tactics, the basics of air-to-air and air-to-ground fighter tactics and the like.


The students were taught the principles of flight, including aeronautics, aerodynamics, jet propulsion, aviation history, flight physiology, critical life saving skills, shelters, food and water procurement, field first aid, fire craft and safety.

They also learnt drown-proofing skills and how to make expedient floatation devices out of ordinary objects such as trousers and shirts.

The students experienced the high G where their senses went into a tailspin and they could not lift any part of their body. It was definitely an unmatched experience for them.

“The students during April visit experienced zero G,” said Usha Shankar Ram, the teacher who accompanied them.

The students received certificates on the graduation day of the training programme.

Chitra Sharma, a teacher, accompanied the students.