Staff Correspondent

Udupi: Sri Lakshmivara Tirtha Swamiji of Shiroor Math said on Wednesday that he supported the ascension of Sri Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji to the Paryaya Peetha on January 18, 2008.

Speaking to The Hindu, Lakshmivara Tirtha said that since his Paryaya would follow the Paryaya of Sugunendra Tirtha, he would support the latter.

He said that a letter had been drafted urging Sugunendra Tirtha to ascend the “Paryaya Peetha” but give up the right to worship Lord Krishna. This letter had been signed by half the seers of the “Ashta Maths.”

A meeting of the seers of the Ashta Maths had been called on Wednesday night to decide the matter, he said.

Sri Vishwesha Tirtha Swamiji of Pejawar Math refused to comment on the issue. He said that he was trying to solve the matter in a harmonious manner.

It may be recalled here that the ascension of Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji to the Paryaya Peetha has been opposed by some individuals on the grounds that he had crossed the sea (“Saagarolanga”). But Sugunendra Tirtha had on the occasion of the “Dhanya Muhurta” (a preliminary ritual before next Paryaya) of Puttige Math on November 26 made it clear that he had gone to foreign countries only to propagate “Dwaita” philosophy. He also made it clear that nobody could prevent him from ascending the “Paryaya Peetha” and also worshipping Lord Krishna.