Special Correspondent

AIR Mysore will broadcast a musical feature today

The feature will provide solutions and advice on better lifestyle

It will be presented by Sangeeta Vidwan

R.S. Nanda Kumar

MYSORE: All India Radio (AIR), Mysore, will broadcast a unique musical feature “Vachana Pada Vaidya” touching upon various health issues in song format.

The programme will be broadcast at 9.30 p.m. on Friday, and the musical feature will also provide solutions, advise on better lifestyle, clubbing it with Dasa padas, traditional songs, vachanas, folk songs etc.

The unique musical feature will be presented by Sangeeta Vidwan R.S. Nanda Kumar of Mysore, who pointed out that the programme would project all medical references in Indian music in a bid to underline the not so well known facet of Indian music: of helping to restore mental peace and tranquillity, apart from the fact that it was also aesthetically pleasing.

The feature contains golden nuggets of wisdom of our forefathers, said Mr. Nanda Kumar, pointing out that the Vachana Pada Vaidya would highlight the importance of maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

Concepts pertaining to physical health would portray tenets of Ayurveda and native medicine or “nati aushada”, while the sequence pertaining to mental health would focus on the benefits of positive thinking and the spiritual health section would encourage individuals to live in consonance with the external world.

The programme is expected to provoke the listeners to thoughtfully preserve their health, make efforts towards positive thinking and help preserve the cultural inheritance and collective wisdom of India.

Mr. Nanda Kumar said the songs featured in the musical feature would cover vachanas that cover every aspect of human experience and existence.

Similarly, padas of the Haridasas of Karnataka would touch upon various ailments and the means to avert and cure them, and the songs featured in the programme would cover general health, alternative medical therapy, Ayurveda, mental health etc.