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Police reach out to street children

Magic show organised by Nagendra Prasad at Kidwai Institute

Pre-primary children dress up as dolls at a school in Malleswaram

BANGALORE: The stereotyped image of pot-bellied policemen twirling their moustache to scare children away was turned on its head as the men in uniform sang and danced with 10-year-olds at an interactive programme organised by several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to mark Children’s Day.

In a unique interaction between street children and policemen, organised by NGOs that deal with child rights issues, policemen and children came together to put up a show that was entertaining and informative.

The programme, which was organised by Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA), Child Rights Trust (CRT), BOSCO and Makkala Sahaya Vani (MSV), was inaugurated by Shalini Rajneesh, Principal Secretary to the Government, Department of Women and Child Welfare. The programme was held to sensitise children about their rights and project policemen as people who were approachable and there to help them at times of need, said Sylvia, who works with BOSCO.

Muniswamy, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Administration), said the Police Department faced a shortage of information sources as far as abuse and breach of child rights were concerned.

“Even adults these days are scared of the police. We are trying to break the scary image of the police for these children and teaching the police to be friendly and not treat all street children as delinquents,” said Vasudeva Sharma, Chairperson — Child Welfare Committee.

Magic show

Popular magician S.P. Nagendra Prasad entertained the children’s ward of the Kidwai Cancer Institute by staging a magic show. “The purpose of this show is to spread a little cheer into their lives and help their recovery by making them happier,” he said. Some of the children were toddlers while others were pre-teens who are trying to cope with the disease. Mr. Prasad performs at the institute four times a year.

Little dolls

The M.E.S. Kishora Kendra at Malleswaram celebrated the occasion by organising a “Dussehra Dolls festival” with children from pre-primary school posing as dolls. The children depicted deities and saints from mythology. Participating in such a show will give these children an understanding of our culture and will also be entertaining, the organisers said.


Empowerment of Children from Human Rights Organisation (ECHO), an organisation working for the uplift of street children, celebrated Children’s Day by organising cultural programmes and competitions.