Shiva in his various avatars

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Art: One of the paintings of Lord Shiva by artists Guvvala Kennedi and Guvvala Padma Kennedi.
Art: One of the paintings of Lord Shiva by artists Guvvala Kennedi and Guvvala Padma Kennedi.

Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Creative Art World and the artists Guvvala Kennedi and Guvvala Padma Kennedi have depicted Lord Shiva in all his roopas. The paintings, “Shatha Rudra Samhita”, are on show till the end of the month at the Shiva temple behind Kemp Fort on Airport Road.

The exhibition is a representation of “Shiva Purana” and “Rudra Samhita” depicting 108 postures of Lord Shiva in all his moods, including “Dharma” and “Nrithya”. The paintings are based on “Agama Shastra”, where Shiva is shown with moustache and beard and eyes closed. Explaining this, the Guvvala couple state that apart from being the god of destruction, Shiva is also a great sage. Padma Guvvala, analysing the “Shiva Purana”, says he is the “Aadi Purusha” and forerunner of all men; his moustache and beard symbolise the male and his closed eyes symbolises the power of his character.

“Every picture depicts the character as mentioned in the namas of Lord Shiva. There are a series of art pieces showing Lord Shiva in various poses: “Rudra”, “Tandava” and “Ananda,” she says.

One of the largest pictures featured in the exhibition is the “Buddha Neelakantha”. In this picture, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu come together to participate in the “Samudra Manthana” in a single physical form, which is rare and difficult to paint, says Ms. Guvvala. There are rare pictures, including the birth of Lord Shiva in a Nagalingam and the “Pralaya Nritya”, where the Lord destroys all creation.




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