Special Correspondent

MYSORE: Team India’s sensational success over Pakistan in the Twenty20 World Cup at Johanesburg resounded across the city when the last Pakistan wicket fell six runs short of victory.

The streets that were deserted almost an hour before the final commenced at 5.30 p.m. on Monday came alive when the last wicket fell as youngsters zipped past the roads shouting, screaming and punching in air.

Students in hostels who had gathered in front of the television sets broke into ecstasy celebrating India’s sensational win in what was a cliff hanger of a match that could have gone either way. A group of 40 to 50 youths made their way along the Mahatma Road towards Agrahara chanting “victory to India” while similar scenes were enacted in different parts of the city. Political campaigning for the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) elections took a backseat from 4.30 p.m., as the cricket enthusiasts settled down in front of the TV sets while small crowds were sighted in front of TV showrooms and public places. Politicians and their followers took a break given the importance of the match. The enthusiasm was infectious as even bystanders participated in the celebrations.