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Kanara Entrepreneurs, Bangalore, launched

India set to become one of the fastest growing economies, says Mohandas Pai

BANGALORE: Kanara Entrepreneurs, Bangalore, started by industrialists and business persons from the Kanara region and aimed at developing entrepreneurship among people from the area was launched, here on Sunday. The logo of the organisation was also unveiled.

Speaking on the occasion, Director (Human Resource) of Infosys Technologies T.V. Mohandas Pai called upon the entrepreneurs to follow ethical practices, have compassion for the poor, be inclusive and be ready for sacrifice by sharing their profits with those who worked with them and with society.

He said that while the Kanara region boasted of achieving almost 100 per cent toilets in all homes, it was only 16 per cent in north Karnataka region, and it was time that those who earned huge money from their entrepreneurship also shared a part of their income for the good of those who needed it. The Kanara region, he said, had also achieved 100 per cent literacy. Mr. Pai said that with the GDP growth reaching seven per cent, the country would be one of the fastest growing economies in the world by 2020 and entrepreneurs were expected to imbibe these values and qualities and help the less privileged people.