Special Correspondent

Association seeks option to file returns in Saral forms

MYSORE: Urging the Government to extend the last date to file income tax returns for the accounting year 2007-08 to December 31, 2007, the Tax Consultants Association of India, Mysore chapter, has pointed out the lacunae in the new forms and sought the option to file the returns in the earlier 2D Saral forms.

The association members pointed out that the new forms — ITR 1 to 8 — were not only complicated and voluminous but also contradictory, whereas the 2D Saral form was simple.

Questioning the grounds on which the new forms have been described as “simple”, the association pointed out that Form 2D Saral was of one page but the newly introduced forms range from six pages to 25 pages. Though the Government has stipulated July 31 as the last date to file the returns, only forms ITR 1 and 2 are available in small quantities but forms ITR 3 to 8 are yet to be made available, that puts thousands of tax payers into a piquant situation, according to the association.

Taking exception to the Government’s directives that the new forms may be downloaded from the Income Tax Department’s website, the association pointed out that not many assessees have computer and Internet connections.

“The approach of the Government in asking the assessees to download the form is not appreciable and it will add to the financial burden of the assessees and hence the department should make available these forms in bulk,” the association members demanded.

Its president S.V. Kumar, secretary C.N. Prakash and former president D. Nagaraju pointed out that it was the Government’s duty to provide the IT return forms in time and in required quantities as the former was collecting huge sums of money by way of income tax from the public.

Drawing attention to a communiqué issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes that assessees should not file any enclosures at the time of filing the IT returns, the association said it was important under certain situations to file copies of papers along with the IT return forms otherwise the assessee would loose the benefit of deduction or the same would be denied to them.

The introduction of the new forms in a hurry without proper survey and research are causing hardship to the assessees, according to the association which demanded the option for filing the tax returns in the 2D Saral form while seeking the immediate processing of refunds that are pending since two years.