Special Correspondent

Addresses House on the occasion of the celebration of its centenary

“Lakshman Rekha has been buzzword in politics for long”

“People needed solutions to their grievances and not sensationalism”

Bangalore: Expressing concern that many allegations of misdemeanours had cast a shadow on politics and the political class in the country, Karnataka Governor T.N. Chaturvedi on Tuesday suggested that the Legislative Council set up an Ethics Committee.

In his address to the members of the Council on the occasion of its centenary, the Governor said, “Lakshman Rekha has been for a long time the buzzword both in politics and in popular parlance. I wish and pray that we may now strive to make a sincere beginning to practise it.”

He asked the members to remind themselves that when tempers rise in the heat of discussion, they are only political opponents and not political enemies. This would help prevent needless acrimony and hurt feelings. This was more relevant and essential in the era of changing coalition politics.

“The question of character and conduct, while important in every walk of life, is of paramount significance for the legislators, who always operate under a crystal gaze,” he said. He sought to draw the attention of the legislators to the Preamble of the Constitution which talks of “We the people”. He reminded them that it was not just “me and my region”, “me and my family”, “me and my party” and “me and my caste”. It meant people of the State, country and people whom they represent. If the legislature was vigilant, the entire administration would be compelled to follow the approach of working for common good.

In view of the increasing complexity and magnitude of administrative issues and socio-economic problems, the Governor suggested the setting up of an organisation such as the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, which exists in Parliament. This institute would not only organise seminars and orientation programmes on parliamentary practices and functional problems but also provides material for the members to prepare themselves in any particular area.

He asked the legislators to study the problems of people objectively and attend to problems that came to their notice through the media.

He cautioned them against knee-jerk reaction without proper verification as that would only create sensationalism. People needed solutions to their grievances and not sensationalism.