Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: When a person hit by a bullet falls, and two women respond to his cries and rush to lift him, what would the men in uniform who fired at him do?

A few Bangaloreans learnt on Thursday that policemen rushed to them and beat them up. They were watching a couple of video CDs on the police brutality on the people of Nandigram and surrounding areas in March against the proposed acquisition of their lands for a special economic zone (SEZ). The Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) had organised the video show as part of its campaign against SEZs. The VCDs — one of them prepared by Kolkata-based Medical Service Centre — had many women narrate how police had “raped” them or assaulted them. Men and women interviewed speak of their resolve not hand over their lands to serve the designs of some industrialists.

SUCI Central Committee member Krishna Chakraborthi said governments gave many concessions, including power and water, at subsidised rates to SEZs leading to the loss of revenue to the States. The governments, which need money to run the States, would then impose taxes on people. Thus SEZs would benefit at the cost of common man in the name of industrialisation, he said. Industries would take care of industrialisation and the Government need not tempt capitalists to invest, he said.

He said farmers in some States were agreeing to part with their lands because of their sense of insecurity.