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Men, women swap roles on parenting

Programme was to mark World Population Day

Bangalore: It was a day of role reversal for couples at a programme to celebrate World Population Day organised by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and Family Planning Association of India (FPAI) here on Wednesday.

The programme focussed on the theme for this year, “Men at work: support pregnant wife, care for baby, educate daughters, share parenting” and highlighted how men’s involvement and participation can make a difference in women’s lives.

Through various activities for employees of BMTC and their spouses, where men and women reversed stereotypical roles, the programme brought out responses from the participants which helped understand their role in the family life better. A quiz on safe motherhood, child care, spacing, immunisation, and importance of educating girls was held. Inaugurating the programme, theatre personality Master Hirannaiah highlighted the need for te sensitive to thealth needs of his wife, especially when she was pregnant and to be aware of the importance of spacing between children. Padmini Prasad, sexologist, said importance should be given to inculcating good values among adolescents, especially safe sexual practices. “In this era of growing number of HIV/AIDS cases, people should be cautious about pre-marital sex and practice safe sex. This will help in building compatible relationships,” she said. Raj Mathur, president, FPAI, Bangalore branch and Hemaraju, Director (Technical), BMTC were present.