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Guns are being manufactured locally

The guns are available in many districts
Dynamite being stored in villages bordering forests

BANGALORE: A disturbing trend in the illegal arms trade in the State, revealed by the CID Forest Cell, is that muzzleloaders, which are mostly used for poaching wildlife, are being manufactured locally and are available in certain districts.

According to Inspector-General of Police, CID Forest Cell, K.S.N. Chikkerur, the manufacture of muzzleloaders and storing of dynamite for hunting by people in villages on the periphery of forests is causing concern. “Dynamite is being used to kill fish, which leads to catastrophic effects,” he said.

The Cell received information on the thriving illegal arms trade after it arrested Byrachari of Byrapatna in Hassan district and Shanmuga of Vaddaradoddi.

According to information available with the Cell, Mr. Chikkerur said, muzzleloaders are being manufactured illegally in Bangalore, Mandya, Mysore, Hubli and Belgaum districts.

Many customers

“Customers for these muzzleloaders could be from a village near the periphery of forests or youngsters in urban centres, who go for recreational hunting in fancy jeeps with high-power torches. For every 10 legal guns in the State, there could be around 50 to 60 illegal guns in circulation,” Mr. Chikkerur said.