Hudugata (Kannada)

Director: Sanjay K.

Cast: Ganesh, Avinash, Komal Kumar, Shobraj, Satyajit and Rekha.

SAID TO be based on Mahesh Bhatt's Dil Hai ki Manta Nahin, Hudugata struggles to provide wholesome entertainment minus dexterity and finesse.

The film attempts to ape the cinematic techniques that have steered Mungaru Male towards an astounding success and launched a small-time artiste Ganesh into stardom. Holding Ganesh's diction and "style" as his trump card, Director Sanjay packs the film with all kinds of sounds and farce in the name of dialogue.

Although the plot and narrative mode help to sustain audience interest to some extent owing to its pace, Hudugata ends up as another tale of love in juvenile fashion, which richly justifies the title.

Lethargic reporter Balu Mahendra (Ganesh) dreams to become an ace reporter. But his editor (Satyajit) takes him out of crime beat and puts him on sports. He forces Balu to undergo a "romantic journey" to Kanyakumari for interviewing tennis star Rahul. Balu accidentally meets Priya (Rekha), a runaway daughter of an IT czar Ananth Rao (Avinash). She is madly in love with Rahul. But Rahul only wants her money. Next is the question of what is love and what is true love. Then follows the formula escapades to prove that the course of true love never did run smooth and the denouement to declare "loves labour lost."

While talented Avinash and Shobraj earn audience pity for the roles they have played, one wonders whether Rekha has anything to do with histrionics.