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Three-day photo exhibition from June 8

  • Aim of event is to promote photography as a creative hobby
  • Workshops on basic photography skills will be held
  • BANGALORE: The Bangalore Photography Club appears set for an image-overdrive. The club is now geared up to host its second annual photography exhibition at the city's Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Watch out for "Frames of Mind 2007: A Photography Rendezvous", which kicks off at 11.30 a.m. on June 8.

    Here's what the Club has to say on the three-day exhibition: "It is an exciting platter of breathtaking photographic works from professional and hobby photographers. It is a presentation of emotions and passions captured and frozen in frames."

    The show will go beyond displays and appreciations. On the agenda are workshops on basic photography skills, which will be conducted by the Bangalore Photography Club on Saturday and Sunday.


    This year, the club received over 450 entries for the annual exhibition. The 75 best photographs will be part of the display. "The club, through this event, wants to promote photography as a creative hobby and as a getaway from one's stress-filled lifestyle. This show will also create a platform for amateurs and hobby photographers to display their works, which would otherwise be difficult individually," says a club official.

    Bangalore Photography Club is an association of amateur, aspiring professional, and professional photographers, as well as photography enthusiasts from different walks of life. "What is best about us is the diversity of expertise that we all bring to the forum," says a member. "The variety of interests of members of the club is what gets it buzzing with activity. We all get to learn new ideas from each other."


    The club follows a practice of mentoring of amateur photographers by the professional members in the finer aspects of photography. "In the process, we impart knowledge, learn new things, share experiences, appreciate, and critically analyse works," says a member.

    Starting off with only four members in September 2004, the club has today over 100 members. It launched its website,, in January last year.

    Its regular programmes include experiments with light, exposure and technology, photography tours, group meetings, interaction sessions on different aspects of photography, slide-shows and group discussions.