Aksay Rajmohan

Convention of citizens' associations on May 19

Bangalore: Once in a way, the laidback Bangalorean wakes up to the city's problems and decides to do something. The latest is the "Save Bangalore" initiative started by the Platform of Citizens' Association (PCA). It includes 18 to 20 citizens' associations spread across Bangalore, from Kengeri to Banaswadi and Mattikere to Banashankari.

In statistical surveys and research conducted by the PCA, the general levels of pollution and traffic register way above the safety levels. The traffic on Airport Road is suitable for an average of 2,900 vehicles at a time, but the volume is around 7,700 vehicles at any given time, almost three times the designated load.

Air pollution levels around Trinity Circle register at 232 of the Air Quality Index (AQI) value. Anything above 100 on the AQI is a sign of severe air pollution. In the proposed Metro Rail, it is planned to transport about 11.5 lakh passengers a day, which is just 14 per cent of the estimated population in 2011. Another problem the PCA foresees is the development of malls and commercial areas around the major metro stations, which will lead to increased congestion.

The PCA plans to hold a convention of citizens' associations next week, which will discuss and propose solutions to the problem to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagra Palike (BBMP). Their intention is not to tell the BBMP how to do its job, but to urge it to properly plan its development projects and make them more citizen-friendly. Experts will be invited to talk on matters such as handling of traffic, crime and culture, use of lakes and water bodies and the growing threat of commercialisation of the education and health sectors.

The convention will be held at the Senate Hall, Central College, at 10.30 a.m. on May 19. It will be inaugurated by former Lokayukta N. Venkatachala. Individuals and organisations that wish to participate can contact 23561257 or 9449612285.