IT LOOKS like Shivarajkumar is also treading his father's path, preferring to pursue acting and leaving the management bit to his family.

At a function on Tuesday to launch the Rajkumar Trust, of which he is vice-president, Mr. Shivarajkumar was called upon to speak.

But he was reluctant to come forward, as his mother Parvathamma and brother Raghavendra, writer Baragur Ramachandrappa and K. Bhujanga Shetty of Narayana Netralaya had spoken at length about the trust.

When the clamour grew louder, his doting mother intervened, saying: "He is like his father. He doesn't want to interfere in business." Shivarajkumar agreed, saying: "Therefore, my wife manages it." Looking at his mother, who is also president of the trust, he quipped: "When I have not disagreed with my producers, how can I afford to disagree with my mother?"