Staff Correspondent

There is a dip in the water levels in the Rampur Waterworks and the balancing reservoirs

Raichur: Residents in parts of Raichur city may experience a drinking water shortage from next month following a dip in the water level at the Rampur Waterworks and the balancing reservoir near the city.

The Rampur Waterworks with two impounding reservoirs is the main source of drinking water in and around the old city. The storage of water in the impounding reservoirs mainly depends on the water flowing into the Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal (TLBC).

However, with the start of summer and the canal being closed, storage depends on water available in the balancing reservoir.

The balancing reservoir, located at the 98th mile stretch of the TLBC near the city, helps supplement water supply to the tail-end command areas in Raichur taluk as and when the levels in the canal dips. It also augments supply to Rampur Waterworks when the canal is closed. In the absence of an elected body at the Raichur City Municipality, the district administration should have given directions to the officials concerned at the Water Resource Department here to maintain the storage at the balancing reservoir to its full level (30 ft) before the closure of the canal.