Special Correspondent

Inquiry report on riots released by State Government

PANAJI: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Opposition in the State, has demanded "deeper investigation" into the communal riots that took place in Sanvordem-Curchorem towns in south Goa last year.

Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar was reacting to the findings of the magisterial inquiry report of the riots released by the State Government on Tuesday which concluded that "it was intuitively and logically reasonable to presume that there was a pre-planned and pre-conceived orientation to the communal riots. But in the absence of any tangible evidence, it is not possible to identify or pinpoint the actual persons or organisations responsible for it."

Mr. Parrikar hailed the inquiry report stating that it had proved that the Congress Government had engaged in propaganda against the BJP stating that the latter was responsible for the riots. The report had held the administration and the police responsible for their inability to control the riots, he said.

He endorsed the findings of the committee, which inter-alia said that spiteful rumour mongering about influx of armed outsiders belonging to a minority community from Bhatkal resulted in violence, looting and arson on March 3 and 4 last year.

He said it was the law and order agencies who allowed the situation to get out of hand.