Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: A 50-year-old woman was murdered and Rs. 1 lakh in cash and some gold ornaments were taken away from her house in J.P. Nagar III phase on Wednesday. The police suspect the involvement of her husband.

According to police, Saraswathi, wife of Venkataswamy Raju working in Law Department, was found dead in her house on the second floor. The police found gashes on her throat.

Venkataswamy, said to be an employee in Law Department, complained to the police that a person called on his mobile phone stating that an unfortunate incident has occurred in his house around 1.30 p.m. He left the office and went to his house at 3.30 p.m. He called his friends. One of his friends informed the police at 5 p.m. Venkataswamy told the police about the missing cash and gold ornaments.

But the police suspect Venkataswamy's involvement in the murder because of his inconsistent statements. At first, he claimed to be private secretary to the Chief Minister. Later, he said he was secretary to the Chief Minister's private secretary and then said he was a peon in the Law Department.

Venkataswamy said he had applied leave on Tuesday and Wednesday. He was not clear about what happened to Rs. 1 lakh, which he said he had withdrawn from a bank. But could not provide the bank details. Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Gopal B. Hosur said although the murder was for gain, the involvement of Venkataswamy could not be ruled out.